Super Green Malaysian Kratom aka “Mellow Malay”

Super Green Malaysian Kratom aka “Mellow Malay”

kratom-powder-effects-300x263Mitragyna speciosa.The ultimate Malaysian strain. Super Green Malaysian is known for it’s extremely well balanced effects of uplifting energy and calming relaxation. This description may sound a bit like Bali but is distinctly different and evident on ones first use that it is nothing like Bali. The energy and relaxation seem to perfectly co-exist with each other with this strain. Another great thing about Super Green Malaysian is it is known to mix very well with other strains to potentiate the effects of the strain it is mixed with. Super Green Malaysian can last up to eight hours.

Our Kratom

This is a pharmaceutical grade Kratom delivered in a heat sealed pouch to preserve freshness. This product is shipped directly from our Malaysian suppliers and keep in low humidity and light exposure to preserve the integrity of the plant. Your Kratom will receive a fine dark green powder ready to mix for tea or oral digestion. Natural Ether only carries (2) strains of Kratom – Malaysian (Mellow Malay) and Maeng Da. We have tested over 18 different strains and find these two strains to be the best.We feel that the Super Green Malaysian Kratom is the best for individuals new to Kratom,as the Maeng Da is for more experienced users.

Effects & Dosage

Depending on dosage and strain, effects can range from an enhanced sense of self, euphoria, dreamlike states, intensified senses, tedious work becomes enjoyable, as well as being a natural pain reliever. In small doses, Kratom becomes a stimulant that induces a euphoric high and lessens physical fatigue (3-5 grams). In medium doses, Kratom is a sedative that instills a stronger sense of euphoria and sleepiness (15-25 grams). While still in larger doses, users describe the feeling as profoundly euphoric, dream like, with closed eye visions, similar but not as intense to Salvia (25-50 grams). Over 25 alkaloids have been isolated from Kratom; the principle one being mitragynine, an indole alkaloid superficially resembling yohimbine (Found in Yohimbe bark), traditionally used to promote relaxation or support a healthy sex life. Additionally, Mitragyna speciosa contains alkaloids thought beneficial to the immune system and lowering blood pressure, as well as powerful antioxidants.

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